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Lancaster Community Foundation

The Foundation exists to help people make their mark on the community but also to inspire visions of the future. They are a catalyst for our community’s greatest hopes and connect people to the causes they care about and inspire those to make change happen. Every year the Foundation hosts The Extraordinary Give, the largest giving day of the year for local non-profits. During my time there I was able to refresh some social media and digital graphics for 2018. Alongside the Extra Give, I was able to illustrate a set of birthday and fund-anniversary cards for donors.

Elicott & Co.

Owned by Infantree founders, and inspired by maker communities across the USA, Ellicott & Co. brings uncommon, quality goods to Lancaster. During my time as an intern, I had the opportunity to illustrate a vintage-inspired minimalist map of Pittsburgh to be printed in the future in letterpress relief as part of their city map poster series. Andrew Ellicott's signature compass rose can be seen in the bottom left.

Hearth & Harrow

Hearth and Harrow partners with local, Lancaster County food vendors to bring the Farm-to-Table movement to the community. Located within Pleasant View Communities, residents and the community are brought together to gather and relax. In this collaborative project, I was able to work with other designers to get feedback and critiques. The final product is a combination of ideas and pieces from each of our concepts.