Harvest Home

fruit to table

Homegrown on an orchard, this farm to table experience provides the opportunity to fruit pick then join together to enjoy fresh breakfast dishes.

Logo Design
Web Design

Logo Design // Branding // Stationery // Packaging // Web Design // Wordpress


As avid travelers, we find that the best memories of our trips usually come from the recommendations we get from the locals. My concept was to design a restaurant that was friendly and inviting, but also able to give more than the typical dining experience. This project includes a variety of pieces that include a menu, take-home order form, press kit that includes description cards and jam and jelly jar along with apple cider bottles, stationery, laser engraved recipe box with recipes, and Wordpress website.


The Harvest Home's logo is fun and playful, while also bringing that small-town feel. The main logo for the restaurant includes the apple icons with or without the "fruit to table" tagline. For the secondary logo, I wanted to be able to have versions that depict the fruit currently in season.

Main & Take home Menu

These specially curated menus change seasonally depending on the fruit being harvested.


Press kit & Packaging

Hand-delivered to potential high profile guests, this package includes individual cards describing the restaurant as well as small-batch jams, jellies, and apple ciders.

Recipe Cards & Box

Love the dishes or desserts at the restaurant? Consider taking home some special restaurant recipes to make for your enjoyment.

Wordpress Website