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✽ Algebra 1: Principles of Secondary Mathematics

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Demme Learning is an educational publishing company that develops, sells, and supports skills-based multi-sensory, parent-engaging education products and services for parents, teachers, and schools working with students in PreK-12 to build life long learners.

Algebra 1: Principles of Secondary Mathematics

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Algebra 1: Principles of Secondary Mathematics challenges students to continue building in-depth knowledge in preparation for a more advanced study of math. Core algebraic topics and objectives are presented and addressed as students become fluent in mathematical language, problem styles, and problem-solving and reasoning skills.

As part of a 4-person design team, we collaborated with contractors to develop a standards-aligned curriculum for Algebra 1 within the Math-U-See homeschool math program. Our curriculum includes both print and digital components to support diverse learning styles.

Defining Curriculum Design Goals

Conduct competitor research, customer surveys, and in-house subject matter expert surveys to determine the areas of curriculum design that need the most focus and attention.

Collaborative Design

During the design process for the Math-U-See Algebra 1 curriculum, our team used market research to individually create mockups and sketches. Through collaboration, we combined and narrowed down our ideas to create a unified direction for the page design. The Content/Curriculum Team provided feedback, which allowed us to develop lessons for the Pilot Testing program.

Iterative Developements Base on Pilot Testing Feedback

Utilizing feedback from the six-session pilot testing program, we revised and developed the curriculum to improve upon current solutions. Instructors and students provided valuable insights after completing a pre-designated number of lessons, allowing us to iterate and further refine the curriculum.

Final Results

(2) 230-page Student Workbooks, (2) 250-page Instructor Handbooks, (1) 265 Test Book, and arious companion pieces available online for download.