about me // Theresa Quedenfeld

I’m a creative designer, raised in the outskirts of Lancaster, PA. In May 2019, I received my BFA in Communication Design from Kutztown University with a dual concentration in Graphic and Interactive Design. My passions lie primarily in graphic design, branding, editorial design, and digital graphics, but I'm always eager to venture into other areas of design to create dynamic and successful pieces.

Taking on internships and design opportunities have taught me how to handle quick turnaround times, effectively organize files, and the ability to design quickly and efficiently with attention to detail. Whether I am in the classroom, or at the workplace, I have learned to keep an open mind and acknowledge criticism to better myself. I always strive to stay curious and try to find new ways to grow. Beyond the computer screen, I enjoy the simple things in life, like relaxing and lounging with my pup.

Currently, I am seeking design opportunities in the Pennsylvania area, but relocating is an option I am willing to explore if the right opportunity comes along.